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Jennifer Ostovich

CONFORMITY PART 2 Bystander Intervention  We tend to do nothing about the emergency, because of conformity  When we are in groups we start conforming with one another The Bad Apple?  KItty Genovese- 38 people aware of her being murdered  One of witnesses called out "stop attacking her" witness saw that no one came out of their apartment to help her  After 30 minutes someone called the police  Why did no one help? New york city people where labeled Bad apple (bad people)  Cruelty?  Apathy?  Conformity? New yorkers are conformists like everyone else Latane and Darley's (1970) Bystander Intervention Model  Ambiguity- emergencies may seem ambiguous, you may not know that it is an emergency situation  Because of ambiguity you start searching for information,= informational pressure  You don’t want social pressure, you don’t want people thinking your indifferent  Everyone is trying to gather information from other people, but that is what everyone else is doing, this fake behavior (calm behavior) is called pluralistic ignorance-seeking of information of others while trying to hide your own view not knowing they are doing the exact same thing therefore person in emergency will not get help  Normative pressure-makes us want to look calm, because afraid of rejection  We have strong normative pressures to fit in and not to stick out in negative ways, so we act calm and think of emergency as not an emergency  Normative sets up situation in which given information ends up being incorrect  Diffusion of Responsibility- more people around you less responsibility you feel, responsibility is diffused, start looking around and think someone else will help (but everyone is thinking the same) Pluralistic Ignorance- big factor in peer pressure  Princeton Drink study (prentice & Miller)  Did study on drinking  See if Binge drinking is enjoyed or if everyone think they enjoy binge drinking  How comfortable are you with drinking on campus?  How comfortable is the average Princeton student with drinking on campus?  If you score below 6 you are not comfortable  Students said themselves they are not comfortable 5  Student think average student is comfortable is above 6  So the average student think the other average students enjoy binge drinking but they actually don't  Peer pressure?  Normative and informational pressures to conform  Go along with other students thinking they like binge drinking, when not realizing that all other students think the same but really no one likes binge drinking More Pluralistic Ignorance: is it really an emergency?  Woman in distress  Tested how student would react in an emergency in the presence of another person  Method  Student filling out surveys, they hear a bang and a scream in another room, DO they get up and check on her?  IV: witness makeup Results  S alone (70% helped)  S+ stranger (40%)  S+ impassive confed (10%)  S+ friend (70%) - pluralistic influence goes away with friend because communication is possible  Last 3 can have pluralistic ignorance; through normative pressure we try to look calm and unconcerned  DV: %of trials on which Judy is offered help (within 2 mins)  When engaged in pluralistic ignorance we do not correctly communicate Diffusion of Responsibility: Am I the one who ahs to help?  Hopes everyone else knows it is an emergency so I don’t have to helpp  Epilepsy Expt  Fakes a seizure in front of subject  Methods  Interested in first year university students reaction on a large campus  Have a discussion about the personal experiences you had at this university with strangers  Hard to talk to strangers so put strangers in
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