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Jennifer Ostovich

COGNITIVE APPROACHES TO PERSUATIONThe Yale Group Hovland et al2nd world war find a way to persuade soldiers to feel good about what they were doingHe started to look for existing literature but there was nothing out thereSo after the war he went back to Yale and started the Yale group o Started a literature design of how they start o What is going on with someone that is trying to convince someone 4 Components of persuasion Source person giving the message Medium film newspaper photo how is it being conveyed Message what is it actually saying Target target is the target of the message to convinceHe said we have to study each of these things in isolationHow are each of those 4 components that exists not persuasive and how are they persuasive Source characteristics 1 CredibilityThey looked at source credibility if youre going to find them credible and believe them what do they need to have and who do they need to beTwo components of credibility o ExpertiseEx Professor Credibility very important o TrustworthinessSomeone can appear to be an expert Ex Commercial where they put people into white lab coats and make them say believable information but we are not that convinced and trust is not there because he is getting paid to do that commercialHovland et al 1951 IVS source credibility time since delivery of message DV persuasion from a not credible sourceCompletely same message for IV and DVMessage is not convincing it is the source that is important Decided to test if the source credibility diffuses over timeResults o More people believed high credibility personThen came back a year later ResultsHigh credibility msg and low cred msg is now both believed equally o Sleeper effectWhen you first get the message it is tied to the source they think an expert told me this so it must be correct Why does this happenWe forget where the information came from at first you remember the source and find it believable or not but then the power or credibility disappears as time goes on and you only remember the facts
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