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Jennifer Ostovich

THEORIES OF AGGRESSION Any social situation that involves at least one other person  Social relevance why? We live in a world where people are prejudice  How do we get people to be more helpful? Less prejudice? Definitions Lecture outline Definitions Outline What is Aggression? Are there gender difference o Harm in intended in aggression?  You can do an honest mistake and harm someone - why? that is not aggression  Harm is physical or emotional or both How rational is aggression?  Emotional harm  Can we control aggressive o As a result of aggression by someone who thought it responses? o would be a good idea to torment her over the internet Is it something we can o This is a very unknown anonymous situation (cyber control cognitively bullying) o Aggression is o Zymbardo (textbook) female participants who cover there automatic and faces and when they are covered they are significantly uncontrolled more aggressive o There are rational and irrational Gender Differences Evolutionary Perspective  Homocide- noted all kind of diff trends in homocide  One of the thing they looked at was large gender differences in physical aggression  Homicide rates -same sex aggression o Men were 40times were more likely to engage in same sex homicide o They also significantly engage in aggression in opposite as well  Why from an evolutionary prospective men are more aggressive than woman o Reproductive success-you live to reproduce and make copies of your genes to pass them on to gen to gen o Gender differences in reproductive biology  Sperm donation, men have to get sperm into the right place--cheap  Woman on the other hand have a life time supply-energy rich immobile, you can only have so many children so you have to be careful to reproduce "good babies"  You want to have a high quality baby due to the risks in having a baby  Look at Quantity , convince a female that you have good genes  Low quality offspring leads to waste of time o Male-male competition for mates  Humans have done this throughout of evolutionary past  We have been monogamous  Its been the case that men have been a lot lucky than other  Big and strong( shown through aggressive behaviours) then that big strong men are going to be able to reproduce with women and pass on those genes  Being aggressive have seem to have aided in their successive reproduction  They have to impress them to copulate with more females, and their genes survived which leads to sexual dimorphism  Genders are different in terms of physiology  Males tend to have more testosterone than females  Hormone that is associated with domance, aggression and competition  Prisoners who are in crime have more testosterone  Testosterone increases at first, winners increase more, losers decreases  Shows that testosterone is associated with competition  This hormone is associated with dominance evolved into men and females but higher in men supposedly  Gender differences in relational/reputational aggression o Gossip--reputational aggression  Why might women do this a lot more than men?  Why? o Gender differences in reproductive biology  Basically destroy someone else reputation, then a man will not want the women who seems less "pure" o Female-female competition for mates Feminist perspective  Are more interested in the physical aggression rather than emotional  Maccoby and jacklin (1974)review article 
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