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Lecture 3

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Jennifer Ostovich

Lecture 3 Quasi and field experiments  Field experiments: o Done in the field o Lowers experimental control: many different things floating around in the real world, many things that can affect people’s behaviour o People have no idea they are in an experiment o May or may not use random assignment  Quasi experiment: no random assignment (at least one variable or more) o “Sort of” an experiment o Lowers your ability to make a causal statement o Lowers experimental control o Comparing people who are different to begin with o One thing you can’t randomly assign (ex. Age, sex, mental ability, etc.) o Purpose is to try to understand the differences between different people (dieter VS non-dieter) o Can be done in a lab or a field (quasi-field experiment) Example of a field experiment: Middlemist et al., 1976  Question: “Do personal space invasions produce arousal in a men’s bathroom?  Background: What do they mean by arousal in a men’s bathroom?  Went to a public bathroom with 3 urinal at his university campus  2 confederates o 1 had to sit in a stall with his feet up and take notes o Other confederate had to drink a lot and be ready to pee at every moment someone walked in  Stood at end urinal so SS had choice to go beside him or leave 1 urinal to leave personal space  Also stood at the middle urinal so SS had to pee right beside him (which raises arousal)  Where confederate stands is random assignment  As soon as SS is ready to pee the other confederate presses the stopwatch to see how long it takes the subject to start peeing and characteristics of peeing (measurement of bashful bladder)  Results: men who had a confederate who stood in the middle took longer to start peeing and took longer because of start and stops while people with space had easier peeing  Arousal is manipulated by how close you have to stand to the other person  How could you turn this into a quasi-field experiment? o Could look at how it affects older V
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