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Jennifer Ostovich

Topic 3 PersuasionLectures 1115thMonday January 30 2011 Lecture 11 PersuasionOutlineGoal of inducing behavioural change getting ppl to do what you want Goal of inducing cognitive change getting ppl to think what you wantPersuasive Tactics changing others behaviour by exploiting needs for consistency and reciprocationConsistencyIn western culture bad to not be consistentPpl feel strong normative pressure to appear consistentexploitableGet a commitment from someone and they will follow througho Cannot say yes to something and then say no to anotherReciprocation doing something bc owe someone a favourEvolutionarysocial pressures to reciprocate favoursDo someone favour and they will feel need to reciprocateConsistencyBased Tactic 1 Low Balling 2 easy stepsSecure a dealChange the terms of the deal after commitmentResearch Bob Cialdini et Al 1978IV low ball vs control DVwilling to participants Cladini called ppl and asked to do study For control asked ppl to come in at 7 am Low Ball grouphe secured commitment before telling time The low ball group twice as likely to show up Learned last detail after they committed to study so had to show upControl people that say they will go in knowing the time 30 Low ball people since they secured before knowing the time 55 Twice as manyLow balling for Good Pallak et al 1980 Reduce public Energy consumption Controljust told ppl how to reduce consumption DVreductionExpmt group did alterations 3 part studyStep 1CONTROL Phone call with tips and asking for commitment to changeboth groups o Resultno change Commitmenttoo fleetingStep 2 IV PublicityOffer to publish name in paper if energy reducedMotivation to reduce o ResultReduced by 12o Behavioural persuasion Not reducing for sake of reduction only did for publicity Step 3 IVLowball Told later on that cannot print name on paperincentive removed o Result Incentive removal did not matter Continued to save MORE 14 reductiono Reduce even less later one Once start conserving committed to conservingConsistencyBased Tactic 2Foot In DoorDefinition escalation of small favours to a BIG initially desired favourTactic used by door to door salesman Because ppl commit to small thing more likely to commit to biggerGet ppl to do something smallirrelevant not much energy then later ask for something biggerField Experiment Freeman and Fraser 1966 IV small favor first vs nothing firstDVof Ss doing the big favor Expmntal Group Result 75 success rate o Step 1 Small favor first got ppl to place business card in cars Easy o Step 2 Big favors After a while asked to place large sign on lawn Control Groupask directly for big favorsResult 17 success rateNumber of Feet Small favours in door predicts strength of response Arbuthnoth et al1977get people try to recycle Made ppl do series of small favors signing petition for recycling send postcard to city council save cans for truck to pick up Result More feetsmall favors they bad more the ppl recycled Psych 2C03 February 3 2012Lecture 12 The Reciprocation RuleDefinition and ExampleWe MUST reciprocate favours can exploit thisResearch Art Appreciation Study2 students1 is a confederateJoe confederate leaves the roomJoe comes back with a Coke can one for himself and the subject or he doesnt bring anyIV Favour coke vs no cokeDDVof raffle tickets bought in return for favour
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