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Gautam Ullal

November 14 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Colour Perception (3) Colour constancy - despite change in ambient environment, the colour you see appears to be almost similar - required for survival Possible for colour constancy - chromatic adaptation: prolonged exposure to chromatic colour leads to receptor:  adapting when the stimulus colour selectively bleaches a specific cone pigment  decreasing in sensitivity to the colour - adaptation occurs to light sources leading to colour constancy Chromatic Adaptation - experiment by Uchukawa et al. - observers shown sheets of coloured paper in three conditions:  baseline: paper and observer in white light  observer not adapted: paper illuminated by red light; observer by white  observer adapted: paper and observer in red light - results showed that:  baseline: green paper is seen as green  observer not adapted: perception of green paper is shifted toward red  observer adapted: perception of green paper is slightly shifted toward red: partial colour constancy was shown in this condition Land’s experiment demonstrating colour constancy with Mondrian collages - three projectors project different wavelengths of lights: S, M and L on a Mondrian collage - a telephotometer registers reflected light from a particular square as white while the human eye (brain) perceives that square as blue if it had been blue, red if it was red etc. - why:  because, the human eye accounts for the background illumination  if that square was isolated without the background it would be perceived as white just like the telephotometer Possible causes of colour constancy - effect of surroundings: colour constancy works best when an object is surrounded by many colours - memory and colour: past knowledge of an object’s colour can have an impact on colour perception Colour
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