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Gautam Ullal

November 21 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Internal Ear Orchestra Organ of Corti - organ of corti resting on the basilar membrane Basilar membrane and the resonating frequencies Organ of Corti Hair cells (of Corti) The organ of Corti - key structures:  basilar membrane vibrates in response to sound and supports the organ of Corti  inner and outer hair cells are the receptors for hearing  tectorial membrane extends over the hair cells Hair cell cilia and top-links Hair cell-transduction The organ of Corti - transduction takes place by:  cilia bending in response to movement of organ of Cort and the tectorial membrane  movement in one direction opens ion channels  movement in the other direction closes the channels  this causes bursts of electrical signals Defective tip-links associated with certain congenital deafness Cochlear microphonic-potentials Innervation pattern of inner hair cell (IHC) & outer hair cell (OHC) - whereas IHC has afferent sensory innervation, OHC has afferent (sensory) as well as efferent (motor) innervation Muscle inside a hair cell (outer hair cell) An outer hair cell contracts Prestin contractile protein immunolocalized in the cell membrane of outer hair cells Prestin the ultra-fast contractile protein in the cell membrane of outer hair cells 9 1 1 o i r i U r s a c Figure 3. A) Higher magnification SEM of the organ of Corti at the apical region. OHCs are cylindrical and straight. The length of these M cells is around 50 µm. B) A section cut more basal in the cochlea showing parvalbumin labelling in OHCs and IHCs. Neurons beneath b l m o the hair cells are also positive. C) Prestin is expressed exclusively in OHCs. D) Double-labelling shows no expression of prestin in IHCs . s while OHCs co-express parvalbumin and prestin (merge). Blue: DAPI nuclear staining. r l h n Prestin (shown red) confirmed in human OHC a r h p a r o F n Prestin in human cochlea 59 i r d d o n o D e M i u
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