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September 14 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Introduction to Sensory Mechanisms (3) Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processing - outline of a rat and a man - bottom-up: processing is recognizing, based on analysis of details in the incoming information. There is not much prior “knowledge” of the project. E.g. Studying the details of the picture before recognizing the picture as “Rat” or “Man” - top-down: processing is recognizing based on prior “knowledge” of the object. E.g. Recognizing an object as “Rat” or “Man” after having seen a picture of “Rat” or “Man” Sensation Perception Cognition Processing-times - input: experiencing a stimulus at the basic level (sensation) held in sensory memory for about 0.25 seconds - filtering of inputs (perception) held in short-term memory for about 0.5 minutes - further filtering, representing, clustering, binding, recalling (cognition) held in long-term and permanent memory for future use The Man who mistook his wife for a hat - while talking to Dr. Sacks he would looks at his ears, nose, lips as though they were strange objects - when asked to identify gloves he described them as a series of pouches, meant to save money but not as “gloves” - he would talk to parking meters and fire hydrants as though they were school kids - when asked to point to his shoes he pointed to his feet - he could not recognise any of his pupils by face but only by their voice - could describe the geometry of a flower but could not recognise it. When asked to smell, he knew it was a rose  can use other processes than vision in order to recognise it is a rose - while eating, dressing or even painting, he had to hum a tune or sing a song related to it to accomplish it - when shown a desert scene he saw a river in it, houses and gardens with people partying (while it only contained unbroken desert dunes)  top-down processing, over elaborates - mistook his wife for a hat How do you explain Mr. P’s Behaviour - a form of visual agnosia - inability to recognize Agnosia Sp
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