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September 28 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Introduction to Vision (2) Errors of refraction - normal or emmetropic eye: no problem in terms of diffraction - hepermetropia far sight or hyperopia: eye ball is shorter causing image to fall behind the retina, hold objects further away, convex lens = converging lens - myopia or short sight: longer than focal lens, image falls in front of the retina, corrected with concave = diverging lens - astigmatism: when the focal points of different curvatures of the eye do not meet at one point, the image appears broken Cross section of astigmatic eye - vertical and horizontal and oblique curvatures are not the same - brain makes top-down correction process - blur zone: horizontal and vertical light rays have different focal points - astigmatism dial: ask which lines they can’t see clearly Corneal mapping Cylindrical lens and contact lens for astigmatism - contact lens, and alternative for irregular astigmatism - cornea becomes irregular in shape - corneal mapping Aquesous humor and Vitreous humor - anterior segment contains aqueous humor. Posterior segment contains vitreous humor (or vitreous body) - behind lens and cilliar body posterior segment: vitreous humour - everything in front of the lens: anterior segment containing aqueous humor Circulation of aqueous humor - aqueous is being secreted Few facts about aqueous humor - transparent fluid inside anterior segment of the eye (anterior segment=posterior chamber+anterior chamber) - blood capillaries in cilliary body>posterior chamber pupol>anterior chamber>canal of Schlemm>blood then gets recycled - important functions: intra-ocular tension of 10-155mm HG, nutrition to lens and cornea & scavenge wastes - abnormal increase in IOT:  glaucoma: IOT>25mm Hg –
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