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Gautam Ullal

September 21 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Investigation of Sensory System (2) Detection - how much heavier/stronger  brightness response compression: magnitude estimate decreases with stimulus intensity  electric shock response expansion: magnitude estimate increases with stimulus intensity  apparent line length: linear response, proportionate Magnitude of estimation: Line length comparison - show standard line compared to another: linear function Magnitude of estimation: colour brightness comparison - response compression when show dots of two different brightness Electric shock shows smallest Weber’s constant and “response expansion” - response expansion Is there a true absolute threshold - signal detection theory:  there is no such thing as an absolute threshold  under conditions of uncertainty the thresholds for sensory responses are influenced by various factors  e.g. mental state, motivation  varies from individuals to individuals and in same individual at different times  however there is a range  example: telephone rings while you are in the shower  miss: no response, did not perceive ringing of the phone  correct rejection: no response, phone did not ring  hits: responds  false alarm: responds Principle of SD techniques - hits, false alarms, miss and correct rejections are recorded Experiments that consider signal detection theory - e.g. using a visual pattern: detect the presence of a visual pattern (signal) against a background (signal + noise) - two common ways of testing:  sequential presentation: yes/no task – patterns presented in sequence, in random sequence one after the other  forced-choice task: two patterns presented simultaneously – which of these has the signal Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve - brain is deceptive - ROC is constructed accounting for the Hits and False alarms using various leve
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