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Gautam Ullal

October 24 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Organization of Visual Cortex (1) Common Diseases that Affect the Retina - retinitis pigmentosa:  genetic disease  rods are destroyed first, then leads to destruction of cones eventually the entire retina  severe cases result in complete blindness - macular degeneration:  more confined to the neurons as oppose to the receptors  fovea and small surrounding area are destroyed  creates an additional “blind spot” on retina  most common in older individuals Taking advantage of an orderly architecture in the retina in therapeutics - retina organized in discrete layers - electrical stimulation of mammalian retinal ganglion cells with multi- electrode arrays: small electrodes planted on the retina to directly activate the ganglion cells - miniature intraocular telescopes Retinitis pigmentosa (rod and cones degenerate) Human 16-electrode epiretinal implant - multiple electrodes directly stimulate the ganglion cells - perceives movement only - want to have small diameter electrodes - can’t make it to small to avoid destroying retina Age-related macular degeneration - normal tissue in between - magnification Implantable miniature telescope - remove the lens and implant telescope inside the eye Organization of visual cortex and cortical receptive fields - visual cortex: striate and extrastriate - primary visual cortex in in the occipital lobe also called striate cortex
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