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Gautam Ullal

October 31 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Vision for Cognition and Vision for Survival (1) Organization of the primary visual cortex - lamellar - columns and hypercoloums  ocular dominance columns, and  orientation columns - colour blobs Visual fields in humans - magnification factor for macular field - calcarine sulcus - right hemisphere you find a deep indentation, the calcarine sulcus - visual maps above and below the calcarine sulcus - macula, field of vision has a very large representation on your visual cortex above and below calcarine sulcus called maginification factor for macula field Retinotopic map of left retina and ocular dominance columns in right striate cortex - sulcus opened up, above and below - representation of both the right and the left eyes - shaded areas are representations of the opposite field of vision - we can very easily map out the retinal fields and ocular dominance columns - cortical mantel you’ll find some areas look more shaded compared to others Cytochrome oxidase “Colour blobs” (Puffs or Patches) are colour opponent - shaded area are colour blobs, activation of some of the neurons in the cortex - cytochrome oxidising agent to know which part of the brain has been activated - occupy 50% of layer 2 and 3 of V1 Vision for survival and vision for cognition - a lot of overlap in these two pathways Streams of Visual Cortex - general properties of the two streams - special attributes of ventral stream - special attributes of dorsal stream - vignettes with lesions in the streams Visual cortex (striate and extrastriate) - two streams called the dorsal stream of vision for action - and ventral stream of vision for perception P & M cells-properties - M has large diameter - P has small diameter The Weird ways of nature - M-fiber pathways that are ventral in the LGN connect with the dorsal stream in the visual cortex (fast conduction and poor in terms of colour perception) - P-fiber pathways that are dorsal in the LGN connect with the ventral stream in the visual cortex (good spatial resolution but slower) Visual areas General properties of the two streams - feed
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