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Gautam Ullal

November 2 , 2012 Psych 2E03: Sensory Processes Vision for Cognition and Vision for Survival (2) Two streams - dorsal stream/how stream: vision for action, context of locating the object in space Ventral stream and further divisions of dorsal stream - ventro-dorsal stream to inferior parietal lobe - dorso-dorsal stream to superior parietal lobe Special attributes of dorsal stream - motion detection  object pursuit: superior parietal lobule also called dorso-dorsal pathway, fast in detection of motion (online), detection of object  space/depth perception: especially medial temporal and inferior parietal lobule, also called ventro-dorsal pathway, detection of coherence in motion Determining direction of fields of moving dots (newsome’s expt. Cont’d) - coherence as low as 1 to 2% elicits a significant response in the MT and a behavioural response from the monkey - stimulation and lesion experiments - lesioning experiment by Newsome and pare:  normal monkeys can detect motion with coherence of 1 or 2%  monkeys with lesions in MT cortex cannot detect motion until the coherence is 10 to 20% - a monkey judges the motion of dots mov ing horizontally to the right - when a column of neurons that prefer downward motion is stimulated, the monkey judges the same motion as being downward and to the right Perception of 3’D - top: gradient stimuli - bottom: response of neurons in the parietal cortex (close to the posterior end of intraparietal sulcus) to each gradient Special attributes of dorsal stream - stron luminance-contrast sensitivity compared to ventral stream - strong response to varying locations of o
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