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Judith Shedden

January 13 , 2013 Psych 2H03: Human Learning and Cognition Brain Imaging Techniques Neural Correlates of Interspecies Perspective Taking in the Post-Mortem Atlantic Salmon: An Argument for Multiple Comparisons Correction - salmon shown a series of images of social human interaction and compared the baseline to the activation when presented with the stimuli - salmon asked what emotion the human must be experiencing - salmon is sensitive to the emotional gallous of people in the pictures - you can’t just look at face value on a picture of the brain and assume you know what it means - statistical test rejected the null hypothesis - for one test only - you have to make sure that you are accounting for comparisons - must be critical when you’re reading results Scintillating Grid: Count the Black Dots - lateral inhibition in central surround cells - different receptive fields in cells, same effect but are represented in different parts of the brain - explains why when looking directly at the dot they appear white as they lie directly on the fovea - cells respond to contrast, respond when there is an edge Brodmann’s Cytoarchitectural Areas of the Human Brain - determined primarily using Nissl and Golgi stains - Brodmann’s: divided the parts he could visually see were different - With new imaging, Brodmann’s areas have been broken up Directional Terms for Referring to Parts of CNS - Rostral: anterior - Caudal: posterior - Dorsal: superior - Ventral: inferior - Axial or horizontal: horizontal plane - Coronal: vertical plane - sagittal: vertical plane cut through the center of the face - lobes:  frontal lobe  temporal lobe  parietal lobe  occipital lobe - cortical folding is critical: if we were to flatten it out it would help us with brain imaging and EEGs - as the cortical sheet is folding (gyri and sulci) individually, the right and left hemisphere have slightly different folds - finding averages PET Technique - inject with radioactive tracer into the blood: cannot rerun the same subject over again - you can inject different kinds of radioactive tracers in order to observe different neurotransmitter systems - indirect measure of brain activity
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