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Lecture 8

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Hannah Holmes

LECTURE 8: AUDITION March 11 2013 - Pitch is related to frequency of sound – high frequency = high pitch - When different sounds combine, they produce timbre - We can’t amplify every sound otherwise sometimes it would be too loud - We have a stapedius muscle which tightens when the amplitude is high to limit the amount of amplification - ‘The more noise you hear today – the less noise you’ll hear tomorrow’ – you can damage hair cells permanently and they won’t work as well the next day - Mozart effect: o People who listened to music before doing a task were better at performing spatial reasoning tasks for 15 minutes but after that, they had no advantage o Therefore, not that much support for Mozart effect - Why evolve music? o 1. SOCIAL COHESION: if you are making music in a group, you are forced to work together and this is beneficial because of shelter, catching food, etc. Those creatures participating in music can live longer as a result.  Frog pawn study: four-year old children, walking around a frog pond. Kids are told there are a bunch of frogs in a pond that need to be woken up. Some children walked ar
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