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Class Lecture Notes 22-35 - March 6-Apr 8 - PSYCH 2NF3

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Gautam Ullal

PSYCH 2NF3 2013 Lecture 2235 March 6April 8Electrophysiological Investigations of the brain 1 Electroencephalogram EEGNoninvasiveplace electrodes on scalp standard electrodes for specific locationsGood temporal resolutionPredominantly recording spontaneous electrical activity of the brainSummed up activity of population of neurons and synapsesnot recording action potentials or single channels Recorded from the scalpWide fluctuations depending on the activity occurringEEG Patterns Figure Rightranges and locations of brain you must remember frequency and amplitude changes are inversely proportional o Betanormal recordings Awake o Alpha relaxedAroused statemore asynchronous beta activityRelaxedstart to see alpha wavesDeep sleepsynchronous theta delta patternLeft relaxed eyes closed synchronized pattern alpha waves Right eyes open desynchronized high frequency low amplitude beta waves 1PSYCH 2NF3 2013 Alpha Blockconversion of synchronized alpha waves to desynchronized beta waves on activation of cortex o Eg when the subject opens the eyes or when the eyes are shut but the subject is performing some mental task Observing EEGhard to determine normal arousal or epilepsy Leftabnormal firing going on almost everywhere generalized seizure all pointed waves multiple spikes coming from all over the placeRightEEG normal playing ball started getting absence seizure can see immediate change in EEG from steady pattern to many spikes o Pattern of spike and wave followed by spoke and wave is typical of absence epilepsy 3 Hz spike and waveLeftfocal epilepsynormal EEG elsewhere but spikes at some brain locationsRightEEG run from left to right focus may have started at electrodes at top then spread down to bottomfocal epilepsy getting generalized 2PSYCH 2NF3 2013 Leftlarge slow waves comaRightnot seeing EEF at all totally flat electro cerebral silence little blips are from electrocardiogram brain deadsee if cortex is functioning or not persona may be breathing but cerebrum may not be functioning3
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