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Syllabus 2013

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Paul Faure

COURSE SYLLABUS Course: PSYCH 3A03 (AUDITION) Prerequisite(s): One of BIOL 2A03, ISCI 2A18, LIFE SCI 2C03, PNB 2XA3, PNB 2XB3, PSYCH 2E03, PSYCH 2F03 or PSYCH 2NF3. Instructor: Dr. Paul Faure Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, PC-111 Phone: 905.525.9140, ext. 26393; email: [email protected] Course TAs: Roberto Valdizon PC-151; Phone: ext. 26042; email: [email protected] James Morrison PC-151; Phone: ext. 26042; email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment. The best way to contact us is via email. Location: Lectures are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 0930-1020 hrs in BSB-119. Tutorials are held on Wednesday from 1030-1120 hrs in T13-125. Textbook: Yost WA (2007) Fundamentals of Hearing: An Introduction. Academic Press (5th Edition). Logistics: McMaster University reserves the right to change course dates, assignments and their grading weights, and deadlines at the discretion of the instructor and in case of an emergency, labour disruption, civil unrest/disobedience, etc. Overview: PSYCH 3A03 is a Faculty of Science course intended for junior or senior undergraduates in the fields of Psychology and Biology. The course provides an introduction to the biology of hearing and auditory perception. The emphasis is on fundamental auditory principles, their underlying physiological mechanisms, and experimental methods used in hearing research. Topics include physicetdalss (neuroanatomy) and function (electrophysiology) of the mammalian auditory system; auditory perception; and psychoacoustics. Website: Check for info and updates. The following policies are necessary in order to be fair and equitable to all students. Audio and Video Recordings. The recording of lectures and/or exams (audio or video) is prohibited. Attendance. You are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials and exams. If you are late, please do not disrupt and/or disturb your fellow students who arrived in a timelier manner and are already seated and working. Talking during lecture ortutorials , and related disturbing behaviour, is inconsiderate. Do not schedule holiday travel during lectures, tutorials or exams. Lectures / Tutorials. You are responsible for all material presented in lecture and in tutorial sessions. Tutorials are usedtosupplement the lectures and to provide more detailed examples, problems, and demonstrations of relevant course material. Readings. In this course you are expected to go beyond the memorization of facts to display an understanding of the material. Some students will find this difficult. You are strongly encouraged to read the relevant text chapters on a particular topic before and afte r the lecture/tutorial devoted to that topic. The initial reading will help you to follow along during the lecture/tutorial and to identify those areas in which you are having difficulty understanding. The follow-up reading(s) will help you to recall, synthesize and consolidate the material that was presented. Notes. Handouts and problem sets will be posted as PDF files on the course website. Psych 3A03 has no course packet because it is absolutely essential that you attend class and develop proper note-taking skills. If you miss a lecture/tutorial, it is your responsibility to obtain the notes on this material from a classmate. I advise against trying to take verbatim notes during lectures/tutorials becauseit will bedifficult for youto keep up and to th ink critically about what is being discussed. Moreover, most of the material discussed in class can also be found in the text or by searching the web, albeit presented from a different perspective. Slides shown in class will not be posted on the web because of copyright restrictions. To consolidate your knowledge, students are encouraged to search the web to obtain additional information and/or pictures pertinent to a particular topic. Grading. Your performance in the course will be evaluated with 3 multiple-choice examinations and 2 writing assignments. The first two exams will be Mid-Term Examinations of one-hour duration each and will be held in-class. Each Mid-Term will count for 25% of your Final Grade. The third exam will be a Final Examination of three-hours duration and will be scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. The Final Exam is cumulative and will count for 40% of your Final Grade. Calculators, books, notes, etc. are prohibited during all examinations; all you will need is a supply of pencils, erasers and, of course, adequate knowledge of the subject matter being tested. The Writing Assignments are worth 10% of your Final Grade (5% each) and instructions for these assignment will be posted on the course website. Makeup Exams. If you miss an exam you will need to have a valid excuse AND be able to document this excuse in order to qualify for a makeup examination. Examples of legitimate excuses include sickness, religious holiday, and conflict with another M .U. academic or sporting event. If you simply skip an exam, hoping that an eventual excuse will become acceptable, then you will receive a zero for that exam. Psych 3A03 does not subscribe to proposals for “extra work” in mitigation of exam delinquencies. Except in the case of illness, a makeup exam will NOT be given unless arrangements are made with the course Instructor or TAs in advance ofthe regularly scheduled examination . In the case of minor medical illness lasting fewer than five days,you must report the illness using the McMaster Student
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