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Paul Faure

October 25 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Cochlear Nucleus OAE = Otoacoustic Emissions - Reflect sounds made my the speaker and the ear - The ear produces sounds - Otoacoustic emissions are sounds that are generated by the auditory system - Sounds reflected off of the tympani are recorded in addition to other sounds - Reflected sound measured by the expected time delay giving us the approximate delay - TEOAE: transiently evoked otoacoustic emission  Recorded sound is similar to outgoing sound but the time delay is to long  Sounds are significantly more damped in the reflected wave - SEOAE: spontaneously evoked otoacoustic emission  No sounds being stimulated  Sounds emitted by the ear are spontaneous and are very weak sounds - DPOAE: distortion product otoacoustic emission  Used to clinically evaluate people  Playing amplitude modulated stimulus: different frequencies, which peak at the same amplitude  Recorded waves are similar to stimulus and another peak which occurs at 2f 1 f 2nd has a lower amplitude  Expected from a non linear summation of f and 1 – evi2ence that the ear produces a sounds due to the distortion product (nonlinear summation of the stimulus) OHC Mechano-to Neurotransduction - Mechano- to neurotransduction mechanism probably similar as what is observerd in IHC - Stimulation also causes OHC to contract (i.e. OHC have motility) - Connection to tectorial membrane also varies along cochlear length - Neurotransmitter at the OHC – afferent synapse is unknown - Neurotransmitter release causes action potential in type
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