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Paul Faure

October 15 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Hair Cells, Cochlear Potentials and Emissions TEM: OHC Detailed Structure - Outer hair cells are contractile - Contractile protein along the actin filaments - Primary afferent neuron making direct contact to the basilar portion of the outer hair cell Haircells of the Organ of Corti - Stereocilia are located on scala media surface of basilar membrane - Hair cells found in the organ of Corti - Inner haircells (IHC) on medial side of Tunnel of Corti; ~40 stereocilia/IHC - Outer haircells (OHC) on lateral side of Tunnel of Corti; ~150 stereocilia/OHC - IHC and OHC slant toward each other - Tallest stereocilia contact tectorial membrane - Vibrations of the fluid sends the basilar and tectorial membrane in motion causing the stereocilia to vibrate Cochlear Dimensions - Vistibular end (oval and round windows) - Helicotrema (apex where scala vestibular folds over and become scala tympani) - Oscious spiral lamina widest towards the vestibular end of the inner ear and tends to become smaller as we approach the apex - Basilar membrane becomes wider as we approach the apex - Basilar membrane 30-32mm - Area measurements along the cochlea  Scala vestibule: narrows near the apex  Scala tympani: narrows near the apex Georg von Bekesey - Studied math, chemistry and physics at University; PhD in physics (1923) - Became interested in hearing while working on telephone lines at Hungarian post office - Spent >40 years studying cochlear function - Interested in mechanics; made many of his own research tools; built a model cochlea Von Bekesy’s Mechanical Model - Impedance matching device - Vibrations which vibrate a membrane - Chancing the tuning fork; point of stimulation along the arm of the rubber membrane would change - Vibrations peak at different spatial locations depending on the input frequency - 194-1966 Professor at Harvard University - 1960 Experiments in hearing (compilation) - 1961 Nobel Prize (Physiology or Medicine) for showing ear is a frequency analyzer Basilar Membrane is Tonotopic - Mechanics: the basilar membrane is a resonant structure - Acts like a series of
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