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Paul Faure

October 29 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Inferior Colliculus and Auditory Cortex Summary: Role of Inner and Outer Haircells - Acoustic energy: 1. Pressure across cochlear partition 2. Generation of signals to the brain and IHCs 3. Displacement of basilar membrane 4. Modulation of current through OHCs 5. Mechanical transduction by OHCs Composition of Auditory Nerve - Contains afferent (sensory) and efferent (motor) fibers - Afferent auditory nerve fibres  Type I (radial) afferent fibers  Type II (spiral) afferent fibers - Efferent auditory nerve fibers originate from the superior olivary complex in the CNS - Lateral superior olive (LSO) projects to Type I afferent synapse innervating IHC - Medial superior olive (MSO) projects to basel portion of OHC Organization of Auditory Nerve Fibers (ANFs) - Afferent/efferent ANFs exit organ of Corti via habenula perforate - Afferent ANFs enter modiolus in ordered manner (twisted bundle) - ANFs from the apex of cochlea are in center of twisted bundle  Low frequency ANFs located on the inside of auditory nerve - ANFs from the base of cochlea are on outside of twisted bundle - Cranial nerve VIII is composed of auditory and vestibular nerves Encoding Auditory Signals - Stereocilia deformation changes haircell receptor potential, which leads to neurotransmitter release, resulting in a spike (action potential) in a sensory neuron - Receptor potential: graded - Action potential: all or none - Electrophysiologists study the number, timing and pattern of spike discharges in response to sounds - Cells have an absol
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