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Paul Faure

October 11 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Inner Ear Mechanics and Function The Inner Ear - Stapes motion causes motion of inner ear perilymph - Ultimately, this causes motion of the stereocilia of the hairells of the organ of Corti - Cochlea: tube inside a tube  Perilymph: surrounding  Endolymph: fluid on the inside of the chamber  Inner tube is Organ of Corti - When the haircells depolarize, neural impulses are evoked in the auditory nerve - Inner ear provides nervous system with infor about stimulus frequency, amplitude and time - Mechanics of inner ear filter incoming stimulus signal (low pass filter) Anatomy of the Inner Ear - 3 divisions inside temporal bone: 1. Semicircular canals 2. Vestibule 3. Cochlea - Semicircular canals open into the vestibule, utricle and saccule, structures for the sense of balance but which also receive mechanical auditory inputs (have haircells too) - The cochlea, a coiled shell-shaped structure within the labyrinth of the temporal bone, is the 1 auditory organ (primary auditory organ)  Buried under bone for protection  Keeping the structure stable in order to keep sensitivity to vibrations - Central spinal axis of cochlea is called modiolus - Spinal canal divided along length by osseous spiral lamina - Nerve fibres come off of the cochlea and bundle into the cochlear nerve - Three chambers inside the cochlea:  Outer chamber perilymph  Inner chamber Endolymph which runs with the vestibular system - Spiral ganglia: nerve bundles - Spiral afferent: radial afferent and spinal afferent = spinal ganglia afferents The Cochlea - Apex - Helicotrema (very apex) - Modiolus (c
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