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October 30 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Single Cell Electrophysiology Rate-Level Functions of Auditory Afferents - Rate-level function measure the spiking (output) to ANFs to a variable input stimulus level (SPL) - Usually measured as spikes/second - Sigmoidal function is typical for sensory neurons - Rate level function systematically varies across ANFs with different rate of simultaneous activity (and thus neural threshold) - We can use rate-level function to generate other functions, such as response area functions, within and between ANFs - Response area functions used to measure or derive other features about ANFs (e.g. CF) 1. Iso-level or Isointensity curve (hold SPL of signal constant) 2. Iso-rate curve (hold firing rate constant across frequency) - Can make a whole family of such functions across frequency and SPL above threshold Threshold Tuning Curve - Low frequency tail - V-shaped tuning curve - Steep high - Based on characteristic frequency, peaks at CF - Threshold tuning curves display the SPL of sound required to cause the neuron’s firing rate to go just above the cell’s spontaneous firing rate as a function of frequency - Different cells have different neural characteristic frequency (CF) or best excitatory frequency (BEF) - Shape and width of neural tuning
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