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October 16 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition The Auditory Nerve Recall - The shape of the basilar membrane  Steep drop at apex side  Max displacement varies with frequency  High frequency: near base  Low frequency: near apex  Remember that base is always stimulated even though the peak of amplitude may occur ;ater towards apex  Apex is not always stimulated, especially in cases of high frequency where damping can occur Instantaneous view of Traveling Wave - Shows how different frequencies will cause peaks at different locations - Graph is distance from apex (aka backwards from how wave will normally travel) Envelope of Traveling Wave - At 27mm, 200Hz tone is 180 phase shifted relative to stapes motion  On graph, 200Hz lines up to 27mm o  On phase graph 27mm lines up to 180 phase shift - Period (T) of 200Hz: 1/f, therefore T: 5ms - Therefore, traveling wave takes 2.5ms to reach 200Hz tuned region of basilar membrane Basilar Membrane Motion Summary - Basal end of basilar membrane vibrates best at high frequencies but also responds to low frequencies  Low frequencies still have to pass basal end to get to apex - Apical end of basilar membrane vibrates only to low frequencies - There is a time lag between stapes motion and movement of apical end of basilar membrane (i.e. there is a phase delay) - Greater SPLs cause larger displacement of basilar membrane - Temporal pattern of basilar membrane follows sound stimulus  E.g. stimulus is 5000 cycles/sec, basilar membrane will have a peak that does at 5000 cycles/sec Basilar Membrane is a Bandpass Filter - Due to asymmetry of basilar membrane - Model: have cochlea and unfold it  Looking specifically at one point b.m  S
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