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Paul Faure

October 23 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Tutorial 7: Peripheral Auditory System The Resting Electric Potential - Consider a tank divided into 2 parts by a biological membrane. One side has a concentrated solution of potassium chloride (KCl) and the other side has pure water (H O)2 + - - If membrane is impermeable, then both k and Cl ions cannot diffuse down their concentration gradients, and there will be no net movement of K or Cl + - ions across the biological membrane - H 2 molecules, however, will be able to move via osmosis toward the more concentrated side - If the membrane now becomes permeable to both K and Cl ions, then both ions will diffuse across the membrane (i.e. move down their concentration gradient) until the concentration of K and Cl ions is the same on both sides of the biological membrane - There is no potential difference or electric potential generated in this situation - If the membrane is changed and now becomes semi-permeable and allows + - the movement of K ions but does not allow the movement of CL ions (i.e. the membrane is ion selective), then K ions will be able to diffuse across the membrane and more down their concentration gradient, but there will be no net movement of Cl ions- - Build up net negative and net positive charges between the two sides - As K ion move in an electrical potential is established. The over-abundance of K ion on right side creates a net positive charge, and the relative lack of K ions on the left side creating a net negative charge - As this imbalance increases, it will become more difficult for positively charged K ions to enter right half of the tank (like charges repel) - The tendency for K ions Outer Haircells (OHC) - 10% of afferent nerve fibers in the auditory nerve are type II spiral affere
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