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Paul Faure

November 6 , 2013 Psych 3A03: Audition Tutorial 9: Review Action Potential Movie - Tonic vs. burst mode (or tonic vs. phasic) - Tonic baseline increases Complex Physiology Emerges in CANS - Primary afferent – cochlear nucleus - Higher in the CANS – primary-like - Click stimulus with an auditory nerve fiber: periodic respond and the time interval corresponds to the frequency of the stimulus - PSTH from a cochlear nucleus unit (higher order: tuned to the same frequency but the click stimulus does not produce the same pattern as that in the auditory nerve fiber, longer latency - We expect to see latencies become longer as we are moving higher up - Primary-like: no spontaneous rate or suppression but primary-like pattern - PL with notch: moment of suppression after immediate onset of the stimulus - Onset: fire to onset of the stimulus - Pauser: onset and pause, buildup towards the end but not responding to the offset - Buildup: response builds up during the stimulus then turns off - Know: primary afferent response, primary-like, and more complex patterns emerges higher up in the processing Superior Olivary Complex (SOC) - Composed of 4 nuclei  Lateral superior olive (LSO)  Medial superior olive (MSO)  Trapezoid body (also known as med
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