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Speech and Comprehension Perceiving Verbal Behaviour Understanding Verbal Behaviour and Brain Mechanisms of Verbal BehaviourLanguagueAn orderly system of communicationfrom a finite number of rules in a language a normal adult can produce an infinite number of sentencesMost complex ability that humans possessequips our species in a unique way from other species We can benefit from others experiences and our own As well we are able to store our languagethe temporal and spatial boundaries are limitlessMost impt Of all social behaviours apart from sexualPerceiving Verbal BehaviourRecognition of Speech SoundsPhonemes basic smallest unit of sound that contributes to the meaning of a spoken word eg syllableContext affects the perception of phonemes eg sounds that precedeand follow each phonemeExperiment by Ganong He created a novel speech sound that lies between the sounds of the k and the g phoneme and carried now linguistic meaning in the English language He presented it in two situations When it was presented preceding iss people claimed the word as kiss when presented preceding ift people perceived the word as giftUnderstanding Verbal
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