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Lecture 6

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Jeff Landry

Lecture 6 – September 25 2013 Risk – Drug & Alcohol Use  Greatest risk to adolescence is themselves, this is the time that they are at greatest risk of physical risk (drugs, alcohol), and an increase in mortality and morbidity  A lot of unhealthy behaviors o Drug use o Binge drinking o Smoking o Violence – self inflicted & others inflicted  Risky activity o Unprotected sexual intercourse o Drunk driving o Dangerous driving Threats To Adolescents Well Being Drug Use  Illegal drug use is very common, but has declined slightly  26% of youth age 15-24 used weed in the past year, and 6% used harder drugs  Drug use is higher at this age than any other age range they survey Why?  Peer pressure o Belief that others are doing it, and you don’t fit in because you aren’t doing it o “I want to be like this person”  Pleasurable Experience o “I like how it feels when I’m high”  Escape o People with bad home lives  Biological & psychological addiction o Bio – your body has modified according to the drug so now it actually needs it o Psych – how it makes you feel, you need that. When addicted people see something, it triggers something in their head that they need the drug. Very much like classical conditioning From Activity To Addiction Alcohol Use  Alcohol use becomes an uncontrollable habit  Increasing ability to tolerate alcohol  Increasing need to drink ever – larger amounts of liquor to bring about the positive effects they crave  Binge drinking
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