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Jennifer Ostovich

Intraindividual Variability - Evidence of malleability, variability in women. Adams and Turner -Asked adults aged 65-80 to report their current masturbating frequency and how often they bated in their 20s. - Results: Women’s masturbating frequency increased more then women's. Ard - asked couples who were married for at least 20 years to report how much they felt, their spouses sexual attitudes changed during the course. 12% of husbands said their wives changed, while 6% of wives said their husbands changed. Kinsey scale measures sexual orientation on 6 point scale. - Mens are either 6’s or they are 0’s. - More women claim to be 0’s, but there is more of a spread in women as well. Gay women are more likely than gay men to shift around - Men are less likely then women to have had either straight sex or a straight relationship. - 43% of women who had identified as lesbian, later have heterosex relationship, more shifting in women, not in men. - Women who identify as straight are more likely then men who identify straight to have gay sex. - Prison sex - women in prison are far more likely then men to have consensual sexual relationships. 50% of women in prisons had consensual sex. EVEN though men are more likely then women to self-identify as gay. (5% men, 1-3% women) - Swingers - recruit wingers to tell them about their sexual behaviour. Unmarried swingers vs. married swingers. - Women are more likely to be trying this out in unmarried swingers. In married swingers, 75% women do same sex oral sex, and barely any for men. Sociocultural Factors Result
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