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Psychology 3AC3 - September 11th

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Jennifer Ostovich

Measuring Sex Drive ● Sex Drive: motivation to engage in any sort of sexual behavior ● Kinsey’s behavioural measure ○ total sexual outlet: measure of orgasms a person requires/unit of time, therefore must achieve ● beware confounding with ability to ○ procure a sex partner ○ convince sex partner to engage in optimal amount of sex ■ simpson & gangstead 1991 ● attitudinal measures ○ sexual desire inventory specter et al 1996 ● my measure ○ total sexual outlet - plus ● sdq(2004) ○ how often do you experience sexual desire (att) ○ how often do you orgasm in the average month (beh) ○ how often do you masturbate in the average month(beh) ○ how would you compare your level of sex drive with that of the average person of your gender and age (att) ● correlates of Sex drive? ○ gender ■ men still have a stronger sex drive than women ■ if women’s sex drive is tapped down, then why? is there a biological impairment behind this? ■ in many non-human species, females deny sex unless reproductivity related ■ regardless of how sex drive is measured, there is always a difference between genders ○ attitudes about casual sex ■ sociosexual orientation (simpson & gangstead): ■ restricted people, behaviourally, don’t tend to engage in casual sex ■ essentially women tend to be more restricted than men ■ the average man has a higher sex drive and sociosexually unrestricted ○ sexual behaviours ■
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