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Jennifer Ostovich

Lecture 1 • what is special about sex in terms of what a psychologist might focus on? • neuroscience of sex - what happens biological responses esp. in attraction • a lot of questions unanswered, but not really sure what the right questions are yet • wouldn’t be the humans we are today if we didn’t have sex and choose mates in certain ways - basic function, drive (to have sex and with certain types), types of people we are attracted to determine the extent to which we successfully reproduce • ancestors probably made similar choices that we would still make today - makes us who we are • what’s included in the definition of sex - operationalization problem (defining things extremely carefully) • evolutionary explanations of sex are distal/ultimate, social is a little more proximal What is Sex • sex is taboo - not as bad as it was (researchers can even be branded as perverts because they want to study sex) • can be difficult to get funding for this research • Dr. Kellogg - thought sex was morally reprehensible • wanted to do away with sex drive, shouldn’t want it, shouldn’t enjoy it, shouldn't engage in activities that aren’t used for reproduction • came up with horrible treatments for sex drive - eg. advocated having all men circumcised as adults, carbolic acid put on women's’ clitoris etc. •thought that if he made the genitals a painful area, using classical conditioning, people wouldn’t want it anymore •believed that a bland diet might prevent people from wanting to have sex - made of simple carbs, makes you sleepy and might not want to have sex thought that people shouldn’t eat meat • • Freud is arguably the first evolutionary psychologist - talked ab
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