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Lecture 2

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Jennifer Ostovich

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Lecture 2 Defining Sex • major diagnostic problem - people could have different ideas of what sex is • one of the major problems with this research developed out of the Bill Clinton scandal (no sexual intercourse, but there was oral sex - what’s the difference?) • one of the reasons he got in so much trouble was because no one knew what he meant by “sexual relations” • Sanders and Reinisch (1999) - rushed to publication just as all of this was happening with Clinton (suggested that Clinton wasn’t lying - oral sex to most people wasn’t sex) • editor of the journal was accused of bias - kicked off the editorial board because he was a Clinton supporter recruited 600 Ss to fill out a survey - mean age of 21 (plus/minus 3), 59% female • (usual 60-40 split in research) • almost all heterosexual, almost 80% were more conservative/moderate side (fewer liberals than conservatives) - didn’t suggest in the paper that political orientation predicted/changed results • asked would you say you had sex with someone if... (Ss responded with yes or no) • french kissing, contact with breasts, manual stimulation to genitals, oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex • no difference b/w whether you did it or someone did it to you • questions presented in a random order - done to decrease experimental demand (think you know want the experimenter wants) • Pitts & Rahman (2001) - replication of the previous study • more or less replicates the data found in the states • Randall & Byers (2003) - had 150 Ss, replicated study and added orgasm questions (does it matter if there’s an orgasm involved) for men to reproduce, they have to have an orgasm - women don’t have to in • order to reproduce (may be more important to men, women also have a lower sex drive - might be less needful of the “payoff”) • also ask questions about sex partner - no one had thought to ask this before (do you need to have sex with someone to have them be your sex partner?) • would you say someone was your sex partner if the most intimate act you did with them.... etc. • how do you define cheating - do you consider them to be unfaithful if the most intimate act they co
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