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Jennifer Ostovich

Topic 1 and 2: Introduction and What is Sex? What is Sex? -operationalization problem, define things very carefully, subjective definitions -Evolutionary perspective = distal, past -Social psychology = proximal, current “Sex is Taboo” Dr. Kellogg -American doctor close with the church -sex is puritanical, and very bad -shouldn’t want, enjoy or do any form of sex -only for reproduction -Barbaric sexual fixing: -make the genitals so painfully memorable hat sex=pain -carbolic acid on clitoris -all men circumsized painfully as adults -makes erections impossible -carb diet should prevent people from having sex = kellogg corn flakes Freud -technically the firs evolutionary psychologist *Sex and aggression=main drives of life -women that have Glove Anesthesia (mental disorder) -hand is paralyzed for no physiological reason -Freud’s Theory: women had or wanted to masturbate, their mind shuts off the offending appendage so they couldn't engage in masturbation Kinsey -wrote many successful books -Controversy -Interviewed pedophiles -Considered that he is a "pervert" and discusses sex -Biased sample -Interview people who were interested in having sex -Interesting sexual practices -Group sex, gay sex, wife swapping Fleeced William Proxmire -Identified research that was unnecessary and not wasteful for money -Gave fleeced awards to pointless research so he could get the government to reallocate money to stop genocide - Hatfield was fleeced -Said her research was pointless, waste of money and she's a pervert -Interested in attraction, mating and sexuality Defining Sex -very subjective, the researcher and participants may have a different definition of sex -major diagnostic problem for doctors Sanders and Reinisch (1999) -Would you say ‘had sex’if... -suggested that Clinton was not lying, that oral sex was not actually sex -editor was accused for policitical bias, and not because of scientific purposes -600 subjects, mean age of 21 (+/- 3); 60% female; almost all hetro-sexual -almost 80% were more conservative to moderate side -answered yes or no -Would you say you had sex with someone if the most intimate behaviour you had was... -deep kissing (French or tongue)? -had a oral (mouth) contact with breasts or nipples? -oral contact with breasts or nipples? -touched breasts? -...etc. *presented data in random order -if they were presented from least and greatest: creating experimental demand and conformational bias -the participants will expect how to answer -Pitts & Rahman (2001) Which behaviours constitute “having sex” among university students in UK? -replicates S&R in UK, similar demographics -Randall & Byers (2003) What is Sex? Students definitions of “having sex”, “sexual partner” and unfaithful sexual behaviour -replicates S&R in Canada (Univ. of NB) -Adds orgasms to the mix -Also asks about -who we consider a sexual partner + sexual infidelity side note: orgasms are more imp. to men than women (evolutionary perspective) WHAT
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