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Topic 3: Sex Drive and Correlates

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McMaster University
Jennifer Ostovich

Topic 3: Sex Drive and correlates Measuring Sex Drive: -its like any other: food, thirst, etc. -biologically imperative to engage in sex -sex is required for the survival of our genes, which is essentially the point of life -the genes that survived across out evolutionary history are the genes of people ho had sex, so we should want to have sex as well Confounds with the ability to: -If you measure sex drive in terms of: 1) How many people you have sex with across a unit time -problem: some people can’t find people to have sex with -not an accurate depiction of sex drive *confound with how many people you can get to have sex 2) How many different sexual partners (per unit time) -problem: what if people are in a relationship? *confound with relationship status? Simpson and Gangestad (1991) consider sex drive: -# of times per unit time, you and your partner have sex -how many times is a compromise (men get less than they want, women get more) -so this is not the optimal number for each person -difficult to measure sex drive in this situation *confounded with how much sex you can actually get Kinsey: Behavioral Measure “Total Sexual Outlet”: # of orgasms you require/unit time -thought is if you want them then you get them -works for men, because they usually have orgasms -problem: women don’t always have orgasms when they have sex *underestimates womens sex drive -he discovered that women had a drastically less need to orgasm -women can go long periods without having sex, will also stop masturbating before orgasm -Kinseys belief is if you have a high sex drive, you will find a way to have an orgasm -PRO: something to be said for going through with the desire -CON: only one measure, and ignores gender Specter et. al (1996): Attitudinal Measure (getting away from behaviour) -The “Sexual Desire Inventory”; desire: interest in or wish for sexual activity 1) DIATIC -attitudes, desires for sex with OTHER people -ask about attitude in several diff ways on a scale -ex. during the last month, how often would you have liked to have sex with a partner on the scale of 1 to 7, etc 2) SOLITARY -sex with yourself, masturbation CON: -takes longer (14 factors) -doesn’t touch on behaviour -so answers to this question would give you sexual desire *desire is different to engaging in sexual activity Dr. Ostivich: TSO-plus measure -address the pros and cons of other types of measures -did a factor and item analyses and these 2: orgasm and masturbation factors were effective measures of sex drive -predicted things associated with having sex: whether alone or with other people -4 questions -test, then retest over months -PROS: corrects the faults of other measures -gender differences and lack of behaviour and attitudinal What are the Correlates of Sex Drive? 1) Ge
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