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Jennifer Ostovich

12/12/2012 Unfinished Business How much sex? Gay males > straight men>straight women> gay females Sex drove: if males are having sex with males here is no limiting factor there as there is with straight couples (makes have higher sex drive), they don’t have the same constraints in the form of a woman as with lesbians and straight men Sociosexuality: data on this are equivocal, we don’t have results we are really confident with, the stereotype is that gay men are sociosexually unrestricted and that gay women fall in love immediately, with men of all types are usually less restricted, if a male is looking for a male partner they can have casual sex with, it is easier for a gay man to find a partner who is also sociosexually unrestricted Compromise ??? Do gay men have “female” mate preferences? No! They are still primarily interested in attractiveness The only thing that has been altered in gay men is the sex of their they prefer not the preferences Do lesbians have “male” mate preferences? No! Summary Biological foundations Genes Hormones Sexual differentiation of brain Childhood experiences Gender conformity/non-conformity Feeling different 12/12/2012 Paraphilic Disorder 12/12/2012 Persistent sexual behaviour patterns in which unusual objects, rituals, or situations are required for full sexual satisfaction (this disorder is almost always men) Paraphilia vs. Paraphilic Disorder Capable of sexual arousal without the behaviour pattern? Optional vs. preference vs. exclusive Example: you enjoy having sex with a shoe around but can have sex without it, this is Paraphilia, if you must have the shoe around this is Paraphilic disorder Egodistonic Paraphilia: you have the obsession but you don’t want it Distress? You have to be upset that this obsession is the only way you can get off Victims? If there are victims you would describe it as a disorder Paraphilias Having a fantasy does not mean you are going to engage in the behaviour. Straight men do sometime shave fantasies about having sex with boys. Behaviours, voyeur= sexual pleasure from watching naked people froteur= grabby on the bus Prevalence Rates (2000) These people may never get a diagnosis of paraphilic disorder but may be paraphilias Fetishism 12/12/2012 What is it? Have a sexual interest in a non-animate non-living object, more commons in males Three ma
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