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Jennifer Ostovich

Psychology of Sexuality Paraphilia – optional – you may prefer something around but you don’t need it. if you need it to have an orgasms- sexual disorder. If you are distressed, or egodistonic – you don’t want it – you can get diagnosed. If there are victims – tend to categorize as disorders, if not we tend not to think of it as a disorder as long as the person with it isn’t worried Transvestic fetishism- male wants to dress as a female and vise versa Voyeurism – common as behaviour engaged in. but less common as a disorder. ½ teenagers admit engaging in this at some point. If it gets serious you can have victims – this becomes a problem. Common behaviour to voyeur but it can become a problem if it leads t criminal behaviour Fratteurism - Aman usually who creates physical contact with women in public places without their consent and without their knowledge. - You may not know something stranger has happened. Sometimes it is a grope and you know you have been toughed. Sometimes they touch you with an object, leg and erect penis. Sometimes pub a bag around their penis to hide ejaculation – suggests criminal intent and they are criminalized - They want to grab people – usually women and that gives sexual gratification. If this is the only way they can achieve and there are victims- they are diagnosed. - 1/3 university women state they have been groped in public. But they don’t know how to react to it. It is upsetting and confusing to the women getting groped. - They seek out crowded places for their behaviour where they have the cover - Transit authority in LA- sent 600 undercover cops to deter a theft and catch theves- but they discovered there were 4-5X as much groping going on in subways as there were thefts. Studies in subways around the world show this is a common thing especially in subways. - Tokyo and Mexico – women only subway cars where men are not allowed. Reason is that women were getting groped so they gave them a safe place to go. Exhibitionism: - Flasher- someone walks around and exposes genitals to unexpecting victim – usually women against her will - They are looking for reaction – that is what gets them off - It is demonstration of masculine power – suggested. Idea you are creating reaction and that is what gets you off. - Often – while they are flashing they are masturbating or making suggestive hand gestures – intent is to scare the women - This is highly ritualized behaviour. men who do this and for whom this is disorder rather than something they do once or twice- they may flash people only at church, Tuesdays etc. their victims ritualized too- young, old, those they can’t know- don’t want to be discovered. It can happen in public or private – when private it is scary- you don’t know what is happening next. - Sometimes there is masturbation accompanying ritual. - Best way to deal with it – intent is to scare and create reaction – no matter how terrifying it is best way is to be calm. If you show scare- it is more gratifying for them. - Usually they are afraid of contact and this is how they get their gratification. Most are shy and feel inadequate. - It is very common – 1/3 sexual acts in Canada, Usa and European - Western culture s- gave women a lot more power than other cultures- women take away men’s power and men are responding by trying to terrify them with genitals. May be a response to women’s power. In our culture-1/2 adult women have been flashed and these women have been flashed before age 16. It has got victims and some are very young. Suggests there are cultural difference since there are places where this does not happen. - Related behaviour – obscene phone calls – intent is the same with flashing – related. The intent is that the person on the other end will freak out and be upset and this causes the excitement. If you are calm – a lot better than freaking out – in that you do not reinforce behaviour. offenders are those who feel inadequate either way- whether on the phone or in person – very high fear of rejection and puritanical attitudes of sex and masturbation – freud- repressing urges but coming out anyway. - Are these things funny? – 3 reasons why not – target are women often too young to understand what is happening and to laugh it off. Young women usually who are scared by the experience. Targets are scared and sometimes have debilitating fear of sex crimes after that – fear they will come after you. Not just funny- it can really create distress and fear in someone. This is one of the paraphilias that escalates - meaning repeat offenses. More than 1/3 repeat offenders escalate into something involving touching when naked – scary. Sexual assault appears to be about masculine power and this is in part due to power. Underlying reasoning is the same. - Children and old women are preferred target- may be because of that reaction Etiology : behaviourist perspective - Fetishes – a lot of work on it - Pavlovs dogs- sees food (US) causes salivation. Neutral stimulus – bell no salivation and no response. Pairing those things together you get the bell leading to conditioned response of salivation. - Awoman creates sexual arousal, but a shoe doesn’t. But paring women with thoughts of shoes often enough- shoes cause sexual arousal. Process of paring fetish object with sexual arousal and eventually you get sexual response for the object
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