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Lecture 12

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Jennifer Ostovich

Men’s LT Mate Preferences -Men want compatibility as well Why Commit? - They don’t have to commit to someone so why should they commit - They should to optimize their reproductive success - To have high quality offspring you have to have two committed parents - Women don’t want to give sexual access to men who aren’t going to commit, especially high quality mate women - If you want the highest quality mate to have the highest quality of genes for your offspring then you have to commit - Then you will have access to survival of offspring--they have two investing parents (may be a test question) - If you commit and settle down with someone they come with other things like her family and friends and you can build a coalition with them that will enhance your protection and your resources--having more people watching your back and providing you with food in EEA is more beneficial - If you aren’t a high quality mate then you are getting the highest quality in having a long term mate since you don’t do well in short term mating - You can be somewhat more sure that you are actually producing babies and are the father of those babies--increased paternity certainty To whom should me commit? -Men have adaptive puzzles that they have to solve as well -They have to solve the puzzle of the ability to reproduce Puzzle 1: Ability to Reproduce -You better choose someone who is able to make babies -You need a mate who is going to have a lot of healthy babies as well (want high quality babies) -They will be looking for cues that tell them that women are able to reproduce -They have preferences for youth, attractiveness (tells you whether her body can get pregnant) Puzzle 2: Paternity Uncertainty - Men need to select women that are going to have their babies - In non-human primates, ovulation is a very obvious thing--approach an ovulating woman, have sex with her if she chooses and guard and protect her while she is ovulating - They are sexually receptive and t
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