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Jennifer Ostovich

Evidence that Women Engage in STM? The math- both women and men engage in it The Numbers • EPC rates in US: 40-50% women, 50-55% men • EPC rates in other cultures? Seen everywhere - some women locked in house because of that -low in some cultures Costs • Costs of ST mating might be more severe for women • Pregnant • Low quality offspring • Men doesn’t stick around • Low quality genes • Bad reputation • Low self esteem • STI (women more susceptible) • Low desirability as LT mate, single women 12% of delivered women • Daly and Wilson (1988)- Single women 12% delivered babies and 50% of killing babies is caused by those 12% • Reaction of LT mate who discovers cheating • Risk of abuse by LT mate and/or ST mate and/or family Resources 1. Resource accruel hypothesis- exchange sex for resources (like prostitutes) 2. Paternity confusion hypothesis- confuse many men into thinking its their baby for resources 3. Protection enhancement hypothesis- benefit from having men around (shelter, protection) 4. Status enhancement hypothesis- single, engage in STM with high status man to meet other high status men for LT mating Solving Problems 1. Mate switching hypothesis- lost job? Start having EPC, to find a new LT mate 2. Mate expulsion hypothesis- get rid of males, have EPC on purpose and let them know about that=DIVORCE 3. Mate manipulation hypothesis- LT mate cheated on you cheated on you, so you cheat on him (revenge) so he won’t do this anymore- to increase his commitment as LT mate ST Mating for LT Mating 1. Figure out what you want in LT mate 2. Figure out whether you want a LT relationship -test compatibility -Discover hidden costs 3. Seduction skills for future potential LT mate- practice for future mates Genetic Benefits 1. Fertility
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