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Evolution- men's LT preferences

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Jennifer Ostovich

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Short Term Mating: Men • 1 child- higher reproduction success by 50% Costs • STIs • Unattractive as LT mate (reputation) • Lower quality mates • Don’t know if it’s your child • Lost resources • Violence (from father or brother • Lack of parental investment in offspring • Retaliatory affairs by LT mate- mamas baby papas maybe Benefits • Double reproduction success- maybe not need to raise it (2-3 babies better) • More offspring, even if lower quality • Genetic variability • Extramarital affairs-Kinsey interviewed 50% men- EPC, 20% of women- single? • Use of prostitutes • Men want more sexual variety (more than women) • 15% men use prostitutes for STM How to Successfully Implement a STM Strategy? • Adaptive problems associated with ST mating strategies • Gaining sexual access of partners • Avoiding commitment • Identify fertile women • Impregnating women • Evolved Problems of Gaining Access to Many Women • Lowered Standards -Age: 17-25 min LT age and max 20 years old, 16-28 for ST mating -she can be less charming, less generous, less loyal, less funny etc.. -Personality: not conservative, higher sex drive, more sexual experiences -“easy access” clothing (Schmitt et al) women with less cloth more attractive for ST mating -men prefer more conservative clothes when looking for LT mate -women do not like when other women wear provocative clothes around them -Attractiveness: closing time phenomenon, when you get drunk (and not), you choose someone less attractive, if they had no success - by midnight, said 7 out of 10 -diminished opportunity, no matter how much alcohol • Lust- got to be lusty for ST -sex drive- higher for men- beneficial -desire for ST between meeting potential partner and having sex with her (need to have sex right after meeting her) Number of Partners Desired in the Next 30 Years • Wo
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