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Jennifer Ostovich

Social Psychology Approach Proximate Causes Overview • Reward model- we are attracted to people who we get rewarded from (such as emotional support) How do we find rewarding people? • Easy • Propinquity- we date people who are close to us physically, whom we bump to often • Online dating- the closer the better (Hamilton vs. Burlington) Factors affecting attraction to potentially rewarding people? • Attractiveness • Reciprocation- mutual • Similarity- people who are similarrewarding Propinquity Physical proximity plays a role in whether we will: • Meet people • Interact with people • Like people • Befriend people • Become attracted (and attractive!) to people • Fall in love with people Research evidence? • Festinger, Schachter, & Back (1950) Westgate study on propinquity and friendship -Westgate complex apartments -17 buildings -whose your friend in these apartments? 88 feet really makes a difference Why? • Ease of access- very positive (always there) - presence makes the heart grow fonder • Repeated contact- the more you see it the more you like it -mere exposure- familiarity makes the heart grow fonder - personality becomes better • Moreland & Beach (1992) -4 women who prerated equally attractive attended a class (0,5,10 or 15 times) -just showed up, didn’t talk to anybody -by the end of class, rated by classmates of their liking and attractiveness -the more exposure with no conversation, the more the women were liked by others • Caveat -obnoxious presence -Ebbesen et al. (1976) condo study -asked residents who were your best friends and who were your enemies? Both very close to you. If neutral- becomes positive Physical Attractiveness • Evolutionary vs. social psychology explanations don’t care if attractive is adaptive • What is beautiful is a good heuristic (Dion et al. reading) if someone is good looking then everything is good about them- more sociable, strong, kind, etc… -automatic and unconscious -cross cultural validity- collectivist- good-> collectivist ideals (well-being of others- Asia) -large effects on everything! -Frieze et al. (1991) MBA graduates salaries- more likely to get a job and have higher salary and make more money, men 2800$ salary each point (1-5) -Downs and Lyons (1991)- if you’re good looking, you don’t have to pay as much for tickets and films -Snyder et al (1977) on interaction style- treated as good looking, people more excited to interact with you. Men and women phone conversations a. given a bio about the women+ photo of women they’re about to talk to b. then call women tape recorded c. then rated for interaction style -men who thought they interacted with good looking women- were more excited and warmer on
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