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McMaster University
Jennifer Ostovich

Role of Attachment • monkey- separated at birth from its biological mother • put in a cage with an electric wire mom who breastfeeds and who doesn’t • if you’re mom is a safe base—>you know that you can go to her • mom= safe base—>mom=warm and sensitive—>I’m lovable and valuable—>other will think so too—> securely attached (good relationships) • mom= not safe base—> mom= rejecting and insensitive—> I’m not livable and not valuable—> others will think so too (not securely attached and bad relationships) Attachment Style 3 Attachment Styles 1. secure 2. insecure avoidant- mom rejecting and unavailable- 15-20%, infant starts to reject mom -stranger situation- age 2 left alone in a room, not upset when mom leaves the room—> not interestd -“screw you, i didn’t want to play with you anyway, i don’t care!” 3. insecure- ambivalent (aka nsecure- anxious) 15-20%, very upset about wether mom will comfort you or reject you -stranger situation- when mom leaves baby freaks out, when mom comes back still freaks out, even though she’s back Working models of relationship and self- persist into aulthood- set by age 5 Bartholomew’s (1990) 2 factor model of adult attachment styles 1. fear of abandonment 2. avoidance of intimacy- emotional • if both low, secure 60-65% people, well equipped • if high fear of abandonment and low fear of intimacy= preoccupied -anoxious- ambivalent style- obsessed with partner, do they love you, if they sense abandonment—>freak out • If high avoidance of intimacy and low fear of abandonment= dismissing -Insecure- avoid ant style
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