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Jennifer Ostovich

Love <3 Response Facilitation Theory- any source of arousal magnifies any dominant response of arousal= arousal just magnifies stuff! Evidence? • White et al (1981, experiment 1) -brought men into lab, to do light job for 15 seconds and jog/run for 30 seconds and then had them watch a video about women -women—> make up and no make up, where they talk about themselves -these man viewing their tape rate how attractive the women are -low arousal- normal -high arousal- high attractiveness and low attractiveness= arousal produces magnified effects • White et al (1981, experiment 2) -control sources of arousal -watched frog documentary- neutral, horrific movie- high negative arousal and comedy club- high positive arousal -proved same results The Arousal Passion Connection • Response Facilitation Theory- more parsimonious than 2 factory theory • 2FT requires more steps than does RFT • Can 2FT handle an unambiguous source of arousal? no • Can 2FT explain unattractive target becoming less attractive? no How to explain why unambiguous arousal leads to changes in attraction? • Foster et al (1998)- we do know when we are aroused - if nothing happens- stays same -if aroused- high attractiveness and low attractiveness over exaggerated - if not aware (unambiguous)- over exaggerated- same - if aware- goes down a little, but not to normal levels Conclusions ▪ dating attractive- if they think they you’re attractive
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