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Lecture 11

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Walter Peace

Psych 3AB3 lecture 11 july302013RelationshipspeersfamiliesSelf concept at school ageconcrete selfconcept becomes more abstract comparative and generalizedrelatively stable about them selves and who they areglobal sense of selfworth they arent really balancing at Im good at that or im not good at that but they are generalizing I am awesome or I am not awesome Hard to change their view point older children emphasize starts to evaluating themselvesbeliefsquality of relationships using abstract ideas important for understanding themselves and othersgeneral personality traits include both positive and negative traits more balanced Self concept at school ageteachers show a progression of judgements and expectationsearl gradesemphasis on work habits and effort not about how well you do but how much effort you put in itjunior highcompare to each other and to fixed standards such as national norms make more comparisions to his or her peersa teachers belief about a student has a small but significant effect on the teachers behaviour and student achievement teachers attitude towards students has a measurable affect on the actual performance measured from the child Expectancy from the teacher the child will live up to whatever expectancy teachers have Teachers expectations actually change the students performance Eg grading essay which is highly subjective So if A student and C student submit the same essay the A student gets a slightly higher mark the childs own beliefs about abilities
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