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Walter Peace

Psych 3AG3 lecture 1 sep102013Key terms young adulthood 2040middle adulthood 4065Late adulthood 65developmentchange over timeage process starts from young adulthood How we treat our bodies and brain in young middle adulthood have very important consequences in last 15 yrs of ageWhat is agingprimary agingoNormal development normal aging process Maturation and biological changes normal program or cell death This is unavoidablesecondary agingoAvoidable factors eg lifestyle that could accelerate the primary aging process Diet exercise toxics that could slow down or speed up normal aging eg Facial wrinkles are normal aging But if we smoke it could speed up the wrinkling Tertiary agingoRapid end of life decline as systems begin to fail rapid cascade to other systems eg Slow loss of mobility in number of years but the last week the motor ability rapidly increases even swallowing food and eventually organ shut down How old are youChronological age number of years since your birth Based on your performance it gave you a fit age Balance number of different agesPerceived age how old you feelBiological age where you are relative to your maximum life span
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