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Lecture 6

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Walter Peace

Psych 3AG3 lecture 6 sep202013Brain trainingCognitive reserve criticism no longitudinal data based on certain ideas that people who have gaged in more intellectual stimulating activity for long time tend to enhance their performance laterExtra practice for the person who had just a bit more skill gets better and gets better so there might be a possibility of differential ability from the beginningStudy 1 video game user is UK 6 weeks of trainingoFindingReasoningno difference between pre and post trainingVerbal short term memoryno difference between pre and post trainingSpatial memoryno difference between pre and post trainingoNobody is finding any improvement in these cognitive tasks no difference in reasoning verbal short term memory spatial memoryoNo benefits in the 10000 participants studiedStudy 2 oLeft graph tasks they were trained onoRight graph tasks they were not trained onoFindingsThey were getting better at the tasks that they trained on practicedThey were not getting better on the tasks that they did not get trained onHow to train your brainVarious ways we can improve by practicing practice one task and it makes you better on OTHER task Unpracticed skill setAction video games firstperson shooter improvementoAttention attention to small detail
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