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Psych 3AG3 lecture 9 oct52013Ageism Look at picture of grandmother1Grandmotherly2Difference between when we look at an individual but look at categories isms oisms we lump people together from the ideals we have in our heads like a select sample of a groupoAnd categorize all members to this group So for the grandmother picture we may categorize it with our grandmother and other grandmothers3Many of students in class stated positive adj about the picture oBecause grandmother is smiling and because people answering were nice oPos could produce an idea with respect with sexism benevolent sexism we could be involved in benevolent ageist oAre we being appropriate We dont know anything about her but we expect certain things because of her age Thus We make a lot of assumptions based on her age 4Why are we concerned about ageismoIts not fair to individuals to assume they fit into a certain category Aging PopulationStatistics say the older pop contiues to rise as a porport
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