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Lecture 15

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Walter Peace

Psych 3AG3 lecture 15 Oct222013Work and retirementBut first more school60 2564 yr olds completed some postsecondary48 college or university degree5564 yrso16 women 21 men have university degrees2534 yrso33 women 25 men have university degrees50 of undergraduates are mature studentsBurnout emotional problem A lot of efforts in not seeing the benefits of your effort So emotionally very draining Sense of depersonalization Tends to occur when you are experiencing great deal of frustration When individuals experience burnout they may experience some change Change in career and there is a lot of reasons why they change careers Some of it has to do with plateauing So few positions at the top there is not many opportunities So may not be intellectually stimulated or challenged Some individuals take the opportunities when they find their career reaching plateau and doesnt proceed further Education income paradoxChoosing a careerGinzbergs career choice theoryoFantasy period childhoodoTentative period adolescenceoRealistic period adulthoodHollands personality type theoryoRealistic practical physicaloIntellectual theoretical abstract
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