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Richard B Day

Jan5th Isleptinthislecture,listentoitagain! January-05-12 3:07 PM - Theidea have dominated intention with religious ideas in christian churchhas dominated hwat wethink of good life Moremodernperiod: Freud: - Was the firstmoderntheorist - Hewas the firsteprsonto talk about personalityin a different way - Freudbegandhis notions with an antient idea=EDIANISM=thebasichuman motive is to experience please...And that's where freudbegan - Hearguedthat ourexperience of pleasureis directed by 2 instincts:eros and thanatos:sexual and aggression - Hesaw that we live ourlife to maximize experience of pleasure andminimize displeasurewhile constrainedbyexternal forces(physicalworld)andsocialmorality,whichwe had internalized as a social eger and he saw that we hada stugglebetween ourinnerdesires and constraints onour choices! - Hisideasofgood life: ○ Freudwas clearof whatit ment to be mentally helthy and we will take it as his definition ofwhat the good life involved ○ Thegood life was the development of the ability to love andto work,to love: we need the ability to formlasting and intimate relationships with others,with fmaily andfriends and life long partners,thats one aspect of mental health, fulfillment ofgood life andnobodyhas disagreedwith that since freud  Thesecond part=work: we want to think of the good life as involvingour relationshipwith others,and not only people butwith society,we wantto be productive,we wantto make a positivecontribution to the world,society and the world aroundus!Generatingvalue in society!We need to be doing somehting that is valued by others  Talkedabout sublimation: channelling of agressiveenergy into socially accepted activities i.e. Art, dramaect. To find goodways touse ofthat excess energy,and ways that not only society alloud and morally permitted but that society actually valued!  Thus socially valuedactivity was a component of the good life Jung: - Anexception - Heintroduced into personalitytheorythe idea ofself actualization, the idea of the highest motivationa nd greatest achievement thatwithin ourselves - Jungdid not as freuddid tlak abotu the relationship of ourunified self with others - Hetook a personalsubjectiveand asocialview of whatthe goodlife involved,it was a totally personalachievement and to achieve goodlife is to be oneself,and to be in a unified whole! - Hebeleived that if you achieved that the results wouldgenerally growto social but didn't express it as an outcome - Its interestingthat in Jung forthe firsttime in westernpsychology,wesee the introduction of easternideas - Anythigncircularandunified is a symbolof the self! Maslow:humanist! - Thesewere individuals whohad the optimistic view of human natureand human potential, they were really optimistic as to what wecould be as individuals and as species - Maslowsaw self-actuallizzationas the final, ultimate motivation of the human beings,after yougot throughand past the demotiveherierchythen youwouldbecome selfactualized andyou wouldbe guided by values - Theyalways talked abotuthat individuals relationship with others whenthey talk about self-actualizedindividual, andeven if they weren'tstrnglyinfluencedby societal values but theyw ere focusednot on their owninernal needs but on external problems! - Inmaslows view its a naturalstate ofself actualized humans to be other directed! - 8-foldwaytoself-actualization: this is one ofthe borrowings ofmaslowfrombutism! - Wewill tlak verydirectlyabout the buttest vi MartinSeligman Gotto listento this lecturebecausei - Inhumanissts in1940,50's,and50's,andnow jumpforward50years andheis widelyand correctlycredited of being the modern wasdozingoffand tired founderofpoiriveoscyhologymovement - Backthen there was no suchthing as positivepsychoogyuntil he tookover - Talkedabout learned- helplessness!Andanimals hadexperience with unavoidable,negative events and whenpresented with - Hwocanwe changeourselves sowe see ourselves as an agent of possibilities - Hecontinued that traditiuon in the modernworld - Hewas presidentof apa fora yearand he decided to make the focus of his term as president is to make the development of positivepscyhology - Beforeww2pscyhhadthree basicgoals: 1) Curingmental illness 2) Helpingpeople lead more fulfilling and productivelives 3) Identifyingandnurturingexceptional talent - Afterww2,2ofthe goals disappeared,we justgaveup in psychologyonhelpingpeople lead more productivelives and gave up on nurturingtalents and focusedon curingmental illnesses - Maslowrecognizedtheproblem as seligman did - Seligmanfoudneda centre forpositive pscyhologyathome institution in universityofpennsylvania - Its healthyinthe development of positive pscyhologyandworkofthe field has come fromivy schooland at harvarduniversitythe mostpopularcoursencampus= positive psychology - Hedirected the devleopment of special issues ofdevelopment psychology=book Positivepscyhologyliekother pscyhologies draws fromanumberofalreadyrecognizedsubfields 1) Its verystronglyrelatedto personalotypscyhology 2) Theyleft out the humanists 3) Seepositive psychologyindevelopmental pscyhology 4) Inthelast 50years or sothere has been Therewas a longitudinal studyand the kids were sucessfulkids andtheyall had one personguiding them, sothats whatthey all hadin common 5) Cognitivepsychologyalsois in positivepscyhologyandtheir view is and remains that we are as persons whatwe think andbelieve weare,we process andinterpret the things that hapen to us ○ Wesee alot ofresearchthat suggests exactly that ○ The way to be happy siwhat we believe is happininginthe worldaround us and not on what is actuallyhapening,on specificevent shtta occurin our lives,it depends on ourapprochand interpretationa dn how we handly those things!  Vitorcamp: □ Theoen thing they couldn't take awyayfromyouis the right to yourattitude, " hwoar eyougoing to treate this experience"they cannpt fo
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