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Richard B Day

What isAttitude Structure Attitude as created online: - What stored memory is been accessed that is being represented as my attitude towards object X Relation between explicit, implicit attitudes: Why Do We Care aboutAttitude Structure Different models of attitude suggest different structures - Different views about how an attitude is stored can explain/affect the way an attitude is formed - Different models of attitude structure lead to different views on how best to change attitudes Characteristics or Qualities ofAttitudes Consistency - Consistency between pieces or parts of an attitude, three compounds -- 1)Attitude is related to affect/emotion, we feel certain ways towards this attitude object 2) Have a history of behavioural tendencies that we would do withe attitude object (walk away, step back) Ambivalence - sometimes our attitudes towards is ambivalent. Feel positively and negatively towards the attitude object, inconsistency ambivalence. Accessibility - Some attitudes are accessible, we can easily report our attitude towards object X, as opposed to another where we have to sit and think about it.An attitude object you are more frequently exposed to these attitudes are more readily available, while others require some more search. Strength - Some attitudes are really extreme, others matter more to you (intensity) Importance - How important is it to you, what degree does it shape your behaviour or whatever. Expectancy - Value: One - Factor Model ofAttitudes: Attitudes are nothing but cognition, held with degrees of strengths. - Different qualities, that have different values to one, a collection of thes
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