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Richard B Day

Attitude Formation Murphy and Zajonc Presentation Phase Chinese ideographs Precede them by picture with someone smiling or frowning. (already have response to these pics) Made association subliminal (4ms), presented face follow by ideograph Or did it supraliminal, 1 second each. Then presented with liking of each ideograph Now smile/frown had average rating of 3 In subliminal you have more positive if you saw the smile and negative if you saw the frown In the Supraliminal, the frowning faces ideograph were higher in rating, opposite for smiling faces. Unlike classical conditioning, in evaluative you don't need UR If you repeatedly present the tone without the CS the response eventually goes away. In the process of classical conditioning, interoperating CS alone or US alone, you weaken conditioning. ER becomes negatives (changing valence of US), CS (anything associated with the ER) becomes negative too. In CC you have to be aware of the contingency between the stimulus and thing being stimulated. When someone delivers the message we don’t like, we have negatively valence attitude towards the message and then in turn towards the messenger. Mothers and children of criminals also get a negative association --> guilt by association. Genesis of implicit attitudes --> is a form of evaluative conditioning involved in the formation of implicit attitudes - self has positive self, anything associated with self is positive. Anything we possess has a positive valance - career choice, state of residence, attracted to people with shared letters in surname Subliminally pictured athletes pictures with their own names, we like them more. Gender of our care givers shape our implicit attitudes towards that gender, stronger our attachment the stronger our implicit our implicit attitudes towards women. May not see this difference in explicit at
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