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Measuring Attitudes Explicit Measures: Context Effects Editing or censoring answer - Don’t seem to feel the need to censor some attitudes, because there are so many different. (Hate/Like Broccoli) - Other attitudes are less socially acceptable - More common when question threatening or sensitive Racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice Behavioural Measures of Attitudes - Use behavioural indication for direction of attitudes - Wrong Number Technique: Call guy as if you needed help, see if he can do if you a favour. Either guy sounded black or white - Lost Letter Technique: Leave letters in wrong place and see how may people will re mail it. Different return and sender names/addresses - Bogus pipeline: Told its essentially a lie detector and can detect their attitudes.Ask them attitude towards something, find the attitudes in waiting room and then they will be more honest. Other techniques - no perfect way to determine, have to rely on explicit measures. Implicit Measures ofAttitudes Problems with explicit measures Implicit Measures - In bypassing all conscious layer of process, we are getting a better handle on true, real attitude individuals have. One of the most dramatic results is, imp
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